AFSC Coach Theresa McKendry was awarded the President’s Award of Excellence

May 27, 2018

Theresa McKendry was awarded the "President’s Award of Excellence”  at the Professional Skaters Association conference in Orlando, Florida.  This is a prestigious award, and we are very proud that Theresa was chosen from many candidates from across the country. 


      “The President’s Award of Excellence is a new award that recognizes exceptional coaches in all disciplines for their positive contributions to the sport of figure skating.  All nominees must be a PSA member and have had one or more skaters competing or testing at a novice level or below in any discipline.  This includes non qualifying and regional events, both U.S. Figure Skating and ISI.  This encompasses all coaches including MIF coaches, choreographers, synchro and ice theater.”


We congratulate Theresa for being recognized and selected from the many coaches across the country in every discipline.   We are so fortunate to have her as an Arctic FSC coach!